Monday, August 1, 2011

We Made It!

This blog has been a long time coming and although it is not the way I imagined it would look, all I can say is I am just glad it made a landing. Although being creative is in my family genes, I think this kind of creativity is recessive when it comes to me. Trying to set this up reminded me of holidays at home with my mom and sisters; they would pull out the cardmaking/scrapbooking/craftdoing materials and sit for hours, chatting and crafting/carding/scraping. I would join in for as long as I could before shuffling off with the excuse to *mumble mumble* and go throw the football with my dad or whip up a pie. Baking -love it, sewing - check, other things- yes please! Crafting/carding/scraping? Um, maybe not...
However, because this blog is the best way to communicate with all our wonderful family and friends from whom we so far, I bit the bullet and muscled my way through with a lot of help from my yang himself. I like to think everyone has a learning curve on things like this so this is my error filled first post. Just enjoy my feeble attempts to be hip in the blog world. I know, I know, some of you are thinking how easy it is to set these up. Well, you would fit right into my gene pool! Anyway, we sure love you all and hope you get a little window into our lives here for the next four years.
We love it here! JD's program is fantastic. (He came home only a couple of days into the program very excited that he'd stitched up a facial laceration - I was slightly confused, "Oh that's awesome!....Can you do that? Isn't this an oral surgery program?" Apparently, he can and they do...along with many other procedures even farther from what we would think of as the "oral" field.) The weather has been beautiful until just a few weeks weeks ago when it soared into the 90's with the heat index in the 100's. Really not too bad except I forget I'm pregnant sometimes and wonder what is wrong with me because I'm overheating...oh right - sorry about that little buddy. (His kicks are well-placed.) The sparkling fireflies are still so magical and the air is soft. Our backyard is a giant green field (with no plans for development because of the pipes underground) which we're very excited about so our boy will have lots of room to run and play. (It is the field we're sitting in in the first picture.) I really like my doctor and have started picking up the fun hobbies I enjoyed in my teens. We love our ward and feel very at home here. Life is good in the Midwest!
Here are a few pictures to help you visualize our little world. Our kitchen, our living room, our darling little tomato plot (which Dad and JD put in with only a shovel and their muscles-and our plants are past the second rung now - so pretty!), the front and back of our little home on Twilight Drive (we joke we should name the baby Jacob - not Edward!) and us on the Fourth of July. I will post more soon. (I'm 21 weeks pregnant in the picture at the top - can't you tell? =) Well, it totally depends on what I'm wearing if I look like it or not - I'll post some 'real' pregnant pictures very soon.)
We love you all and hope all is well! Any of you are welcome to come visit any time! In fact, we would give you the the entire downstairs. (Not pictured here except for the walkout sliding door, but don't worry, it's only one room!)