Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Pregnancy Brain Anyone?

A few days ago I was in the spice section of the grocery store and for the life of me, I couldn't find the curry powder. I was focused and attentive but still all of the names kind of swam together. Finally, after what seemed forever (although I'm sure it was only a minute or two), I asked a friendly looking fellow shopper if she could see curry powder anywhere. She quickly picked an innocent looking bottle off the shelf and handed it to me with a smile. Ah yes, the spices just happened to be in alphabetical order. I sheepishly thanked her and tacted on a lame sounding, "I like to blame pregnancy brain still..." She laughed, "Oh that lasts for years. My oldest is 13 and I still claim it!"

Now lest you think me completely absent-minded, let me say that with all the talents my darling shnookims came with, sleeping for long stretches at a time was not one of them. He still has yet to sleep longer than three and a half hours at a time (generally it ends up being 2-3) which means Mama doesn't sleep longer than that either. Thus pregnancy brain, I've decided, might have just as much to do with sleep deprivation as with the extra hormones. 'Sleep when the baby sleeps' is much harder than it sounds! (How is it possible to not fall asleep when so tired?) Maybe I'm the only one who really notices because when I went in for an appointment about a month after the baby was born, the nurse said, "Wow, he must be sleeping well- you look so fresh and rested!" All I have to say is, make-up can work wonders! =)

However, I wouldn't trade him for 190,000 hours of sleep! He's truly my sunshine and I'm so lucky. He's extremely healthy, so good, and delights me daily. Yes, he can reach for things, scoot himself on his back and laughs when he thinks things are funny.

And since we know he's the main reason for this blog..the update: (Captions below)

Oh hello Mr. Snail...you do tummy time too?
This is one of my favorite ways to see the world. (This picture makes him look huge, but he's really not quite that big yet...)
I supervise Mom's cooking.
Pilot James ready for take-off!
I'm sorry, what's that you say?
Oh you said smile? Okay, ...smiling!!!
Oh sorry, maybe that was too much- this is a much cooler smile...
I have a secret I'll tell if you promise not to say anything...
Oh, where did these come from? They look familiar.
Oh blast, did I drip again?
Me and my Eskimo suit (as Dad calls it).
My friend Mr. Snail. (His shell comes off)

Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Just Another Day of Being Cute - A James Update

Be forewarned that this post is dedicated to a Jamesiepie update! As you can see, we had another photo shoot that I can't resist sharing.
Although tummy time is getting better (he's actually very good at it) this face tells me, "I may have to do it, but I don't have to like it!"
My angel
He is the cutest with his hands which he has recently discovered; I find him staring cross-eyed fairly often. Much of the time (especially while nursing) he keeps them clasped like this. It makes him seems so....mannerly? ("Please sir, may I have some more"...think Oliver Twist)
He looks less like a baby and more like a little boy all the time!
Okay, is it just me or do those lips not drive you crazy?!?
Our friend, who is an excellent seamstress, made him this darling bowtie, vest and shoes. He looked so handsome that after church we had to try to take some pictures. He got a little nervous, as you can see...pressure you know =)
So we are not great with the self timer - this is the best we could do. Ah well, just look at those shoes!
Me and my little guy.
My handsome boys...who needs a lollypop when you have a bowtie?
The look
Our sunshine.
'Til next time!! =)

Tuesday, February 14, 2012

I Want to be a Grandma

I don't mean that I am ready for Jamesiepie to run off and get married so I can have grandkids. I mean, I hope that someday I can be like all the grandmas I know and love; grandmas work magic!
Example: A few Sundays ago I was in a bishop's interview and Jared had James in the foyer. Our hungry James was wailing to let everyone know how he felt. After several minutes of Jared trying to soothe him, he was balancing the baby while navigating the diaper bag for a binkie, our friend's mother offered to hold the baby. Before Jared could work his binkie trick, she had calmed James, and rocked him to sleep. As she handed a peacefully snoozing baby back to an amazed Jared she said with a grin, "I'm kind of like a baby whisperer...I'm a grandma!"
And seriously, most grandma's I know (real grandmas) are just that incredible! My own darling mother and Jared's sweet mom both rock James to sleep in minutes. They make everything better and when you get older, they still have magic, just for different uses. When I was an insanely busy college student living in the same town as my grandparents (after living several states away my entire life), I would try to visit or at least telephone them once a week. (More often when occasion permited or dictated - dramatic breakups, holidays etc.) They always made me feel like a million bucks and I would come away confident and loved, ready to face the craziness again.
In discussing this subject, my friend and I concluded that it is the love that grandmas (and many grandpas) radiate - they are unflustered by the little things that young moms are sometimes consumed with, and they have refined their loving skills until it just pours from them. Everyone, especially little ones, respond to love.
So on the day of love, here's to all the amazing grandmas and grandpas of the world who have refined the art of true love! Someday, I hope I am like you!

Sunday, February 5, 2012

Dental Problems, Shots and Sneezes

No, James doesn't have dental problems, I do. I mean, look at that face! How can you not grit your teeth with the urge to eat him?! I struggle daily and often.

Aside from the desire to chomp those cubby cheeks, all is well here. We got some snow and it finally felt like winter. One of our favorite methods of travel is the front pack. (Sometimes we even wear it around the house if he wants to be held but I need my hands.) There is nothing better than to feel his warm little self cuddled up next to me and I know that no one can steal him if I'm wearing him.

James also got his first round of immunizations this last week. I'd been warned by friends. I'd mentally prepared. I failed. Badly. At first it seemed like it'd be fine. The nurse advised me to dip my finger in sugar and let him suck. (Who knew? Sugar helps with pain...but only up to six months of age. Bummer for the rest of us. Can you imagine? "Oh my head hurts...better have a pixie stick!") But since he'd never sucked anything with granules on it, he was confused by the texture and hadn't even started to suck when she stuck him. His response was immediate and more animated than I'd ever seen him. He screamed and then started to cry so hard he couldn't breath for several seconds, during which she swiftly finished her work. His little body went rigid and red and he looked at me with betrayal swimming in his eyes. I snatched him up and cuddled him to me, barely letting the nurse get out of the room before my flood gates blew. All in all he cried for only 30-45 seconds. I was still crying when Jared called 10 minutes later. It was awful. I told Jared that he could take James in for the next round. I know that it's good for him in the long run, but in the short run it's pretty hard on Mama!

Our life lately, according to our photo shoots: (Captions below the pictures.)

Just another walk with Mommy.
Oooo that FACE!
The Sneeze: A Triology
PART I: Minding My Own Buisness as a Mini CEO (Check out that hair!)
Part III: Pardon Me, Might You Have a Hankie?
His eye are so wise...I haven't been able to get a good pictures of his eyelashes, but they are LONG.
Shots in both legs...poor little guy guy!
James and Mommy (Don't mind that Momma is ready for bed - that's when I'm the cutest!)
It was my birthday and the boys surprised me with a cake and candles at the institute dinner! (As you can tell from the cake, I am now 21 :))
One more smile from James ... that's all from Iowa!

Thursday, February 2, 2012

Our First Holidays

(Even though it is February and I'm just now getting pictures of our Christmas up, I like to think of it as I have enjoyed the memories this whole time! =))
Our first Christmas rolled around with James not quite a month old. It was quiet- just the three of us. On Christmas Eve Jared made ham chowder and we dined on Grandma Dye's Japanese china. We read the Christmas story and sang Christmas carols and went to bed. The next day we went to church, came home and opened presents, talked to our families and took our first family walk with our new stroller. It was nice; very unlike the nostalgic days of Christmases past, but magical in a new sense - less self-absorbed and more reflective of our new parenthood and more focused on this future chapter.
Throughout the Christmas season I thought often of Mary, the mother of Christ. Although we are nothing alike and our circumstances are incredibly different, I felt a kinship with her, especially having a brand newborn baby boy. (Still in the recovery stages myself, I hoped that Joseph had let her rest a good six weeks before taking her home on the back of a donkey.)
Later when James was blessed (January 1, 2012, New Years!) I reflected again on the beautiful gift of baby at this time of year - so beautiful, so innocent, so wonderful. Perspective really does change - I now see everything differently: all mothers, my parents, other people, the scriptures and of course, myself. We were so lucky to have both of our wonderful parents here for this short but special time. In a brief but lovely weekend, all of my worlds combined. I am so blessed.
So that, in a nutshell, was our holiday season. To all whom we love but could not be with, know that we thought of you fondly!
(Captions below the pictures.)

Our best Christmas gift.
More tummy time by the light of the twinkling tree.
My growing boy.
My forehead wrinkles exactly like Daddy's!
Amazingly, no snow this Iowa Christmas so we broke out our stroller for the maiden voyage.
James Pearson is in there... somewhere!
Aunt Mimi's shoulder tastes soooo yummy!
Grandma I promise I like you!!
My parents, little sister and brother and Jared's parents after the baby blessing. James isn't feeling much love for the camera right then..
Our little family.

Our handsome little guy...