Thursday, November 15, 2012

And...We're OFF!

It's offical...Little Man is WALKING!  On his own, without holding onto anything, and without our urging. I just happened to catch the first step on camera - when am I not taking pictures of him - and it was sooo exciting! 
Step One:  Balance
                                                           Step Two:  Go Go Go!
At first it was just one step at a time and then back down, back up and balance.  (And of course lots of walking around the furniture and with his walker.)  Last week were the first steps (Nov. 8th) but this week he's just taken off. Today after breakfast we did a little video of him showing his stuff but even by the end of the day he'd improved so much from this morning.  He spent more time on his feet than on his hands and knees and often as I was standing cooking or folding laundry, he would walk around and around my legs like my little electron.  It is endearing and SO fun to see him progress into a little person.

We're so proud of you Little Love Bug!!

Happy Halloween

Boo! It was our first family Halloween and who better to have as your trophy than an adorable little pumpkin?
 Although he had no love for the camera at the church Halloween party, he was still the cutest pumpkin I have ever seen in my life!  My favorite were his chunky little striped legs...
We posed for a scary family photo - a random assortment of Lance Armstrong (I am covering his arm IV with a tube of blood), a gypsy (who forgot part of her costume) and of course, our little pumpkin.

Daddy and Little Man doing the cake walk.  (Crawl...)
The cake I made for the cake walk was SO super fun to make.  It is a witch's cauldron with wormy soup spilling over the edges and a tootsie roll ladle sticking out the back.  When J got home I excitedly asked him what he thought of it.  He studied it and then said, "Give me a clue..."  I was crushed, but chalked it up to him being a man put on the spot.  When my neighbor, Catherine, came over just a few minutes later, I showed her.  She studied it and then said, "Give me a clue..."  THE SAME PHRASE!  Maybe that is why it didn't win any prizes and got beat out by a cake made out of rice crispies - aka not even a cake!
  Ah well, I had lots of fun making it and I'm sure it was delicious, so that is all that matters anyway.

My little pumpkin at his first trunk-or-treat.  Since our ward is a student ward and only has a large Sunbeam class, it was over in less than ten minutes and we had to take all the leftover candy home.  Since we had zero trick-or-treaters, guess who's been eating it all?  Yep.  Good thing I know someone who's good with teeth!

Wednesday, November 14, 2012

An Iowa Fall and J's Birthday

We LOVE fall!!  It is by far our very favorite season for so many reasons.  The crisp, cool weather, the brilliant fall colors, the yummy soups, the cozy sweaters, and it's the beginning of all kinds of seasons - the holiday season, football season, and of course a new school year.  (I still can't resist buying myself some new school supplies - it's so exciting!)

Iowa boasts it's own display of gorgeousness.
But for us it was made even more beautiful this year with all our visitors!
My FABULOUS mom and dad surprised us with an overnighter.  Due to weather, their weekend plans were ruined, so they zipped up for a quick 20 hour visit.  It was the BEST suprise of the week!  If only the weather helped that happen more often...
 Then, my little sister came down from Chicago for a few days of girl time - along with cute little Lucy in tow.  One day she playing in the back field with Lucy and Little Man without me when our neighbor girl came over to say hi and chat.  The next time I saw her (neighbor girl) she asked where my new dog was...not realizing that the someone she'd talked to before wasn't me...oh to be ten again.  The compliment was definitely in my favor, wouldn't you say?
Then, J's FANTASTIC parents came and stayed for an entire week - it was SO much fun!  I think I may have had the most fun of anybody since it is normally just Little and I all day every day and to be around people we love was just the best.   J took the week off and we visited the Amana Colonies, Brucemore in Cedar Rapids, out to eat for J's birthday, date for J's bday, movies, games and lots and lots of eating.  I gained some weight that week...
Cute Grandma spoiled us rotten taking us shopping and shopping - new clothes and books for Little Man and Costco treats for Mommy.  And of course, she was the best sitter during dates. Little loved having them here!  (I think sometimes he gets bored with me...)

He learned all kinds of new tricks and sounds from Grandma and Grandpa which have become part of his daily babblings...
And of course, Grandpa couldn't wait to teach Little how to work his birthday motorcycle from Grandma. 
 Just wait until Grandpa takes him on the road and teaches him for real...
And of course our Big Little's birthday.  He's so grown up, and we're so proud!
There were gifts, really, we just can't see them here.

THANK YOU EVERYONE for coming to see us in Iowa!!  We love you all!

Thursday, November 8, 2012

Little Man's First Party

Little's First Party

In August it was time for our first party!  Our friend, Oakley, was turing one.  We tried to get a picture of all the party goers together, but it was kind of like photographing adorable puppies, as you can see - this is the best we could do.

Our little man joined in the exodus, until he was anchored in place by a spell-casting balloon.
Sometimes, I think he gets confused on who his mother is.  There was another Asian girl - he crawled right over and tried to nurse!  It was lunch time and he was only seven months, so we have to give him the benefit of the doubt...right?...
All in all, I'd say it was a pretty successful first party.

Afterwards we tried to do a photo shoot, but our hand just tasted waaayyy too good...
Do I talk on my phone too much around him?
Oh that delicious boy!
So we thought we'd take a run instead.  On our way back we checked our garden and found our FIRST zucchini!! 
This has nothing to do with our party, but we are Daddy's best buddies!
We love Iowa!

Our Summer Weddings by Jamesie

I went to two weddings this summer and let me tell you, it was a LOT of work! For two months in a row my parents hauled me around the country.
In April I went to Aunt Mimi's wedding - Being the most cuddily ewok ever with Aunt Hannah - bummer that it will be too small for Halloween! (5 months)
Blueberry twins with Grandpa J! (5 months)

We love when Grandpa sings to us...
And we be loved on by Grandma J...
How do we always seem to match Grandpa?  It must be in the blood...
This tends to be Mom's new favorite angle in pictures.  I'm not sure why.
My delicious, delicious thumb!
Oh Grandpa, are you sure?
I've just been voted Best Centerpiece in the house!
I sure like this seat!
Carrots anyone?
Grandpa D, you are the best foot eater ever!
How fun to wait in the lobby while these two lovely people got married!
Um, Aunt Jen?  My lunch?
Ah, there we go...
Grandma, you surprise me with the best toys!
What?  I have to go home?
Grandpa, let me stay longer, please?  I'll make googly eyes at you...
Well, I guess if we can be early morning pals, that's good enough.
Then Mom and I headed off to Yellowstone, but that is another adventure all together...