Sunday, February 5, 2012

Dental Problems, Shots and Sneezes

No, James doesn't have dental problems, I do. I mean, look at that face! How can you not grit your teeth with the urge to eat him?! I struggle daily and often.

Aside from the desire to chomp those cubby cheeks, all is well here. We got some snow and it finally felt like winter. One of our favorite methods of travel is the front pack. (Sometimes we even wear it around the house if he wants to be held but I need my hands.) There is nothing better than to feel his warm little self cuddled up next to me and I know that no one can steal him if I'm wearing him.

James also got his first round of immunizations this last week. I'd been warned by friends. I'd mentally prepared. I failed. Badly. At first it seemed like it'd be fine. The nurse advised me to dip my finger in sugar and let him suck. (Who knew? Sugar helps with pain...but only up to six months of age. Bummer for the rest of us. Can you imagine? "Oh my head hurts...better have a pixie stick!") But since he'd never sucked anything with granules on it, he was confused by the texture and hadn't even started to suck when she stuck him. His response was immediate and more animated than I'd ever seen him. He screamed and then started to cry so hard he couldn't breath for several seconds, during which she swiftly finished her work. His little body went rigid and red and he looked at me with betrayal swimming in his eyes. I snatched him up and cuddled him to me, barely letting the nurse get out of the room before my flood gates blew. All in all he cried for only 30-45 seconds. I was still crying when Jared called 10 minutes later. It was awful. I told Jared that he could take James in for the next round. I know that it's good for him in the long run, but in the short run it's pretty hard on Mama!

Our life lately, according to our photo shoots: (Captions below the pictures.)

Just another walk with Mommy.
Oooo that FACE!
The Sneeze: A Triology
PART I: Minding My Own Buisness as a Mini CEO (Check out that hair!)
Part III: Pardon Me, Might You Have a Hankie?
His eye are so wise...I haven't been able to get a good pictures of his eyelashes, but they are LONG.
Shots in both legs...poor little guy guy!
James and Mommy (Don't mind that Momma is ready for bed - that's when I'm the cutest!)
It was my birthday and the boys surprised me with a cake and candles at the institute dinner! (As you can tell from the cake, I am now 21 :))
One more smile from James ... that's all from Iowa!


Barb said...

he's so adorable! enjoy every minute...they grow up so quickly!

Melynie said...

LOVE LOVE LOVE the pics and updates! Cannot WAIT to meet this little fella in April! Love you all and miss you! You're all wonderful!

RACHAEL said...

he is SO precious hilary!! he has the most precious little face i could just die!! i think him and jude are bosom buddies already. :)