Thursday, September 22, 2011

the test post

So I've been having trouble with posting and all that jazz so this is just a test. nothing interesting.

Our Twilight Home

(For some weird reason I can't seem to edit the other post, so please forgive the errors (especially my English teaching/loving friends) and we'll just move right along...)

Welcome to our home on the ever romantic....Twilight Drive! Who hasn't wanted to live on a street sharing the same name as the hottest teen sensation book series/movies? Well, we never did but we love it all the same!

So to continue with our tour (see previous post for other pics) - the rest of the house:

Here is the downstairs "spare 'oom"/study/library/music room. (This will be where you stay when you come visit!)

I know, I wish it was ours, but we are actually just piano sitting for some friends. What a blessing though because I'm now the ward choir pianist and practice like a madwoman every day trying to regain my much neglected skill. The cutest thing is, JD has been as well - I bought him some simplified music and he's been so diligent! He comes home, says hello, eats, and then goes down to practice! Someone called me once and after a minute asked, "Are you teaching piano lessons?"

Next, our deck. Do you LOVE the field? There are pipes or something underground so they can't build. Yippee! Our little guy will have lots of room to run around and play (or chase bazillion rabbits and birds we have here)!

Last but not least, the baby room! (If you see something you gave us, THANK YOU - we LOVE it!) This is hopefully a 'before' picture. I have plans for the walls, but we'll see how it goes...

Gotta love that rocker! Perfect for a baby room!

For the first few months, Little Man will sleep in our room in this beautiful cradle JD's dad and brother built. Until then, it's very content to stay behind the door next to the spare matress.

That's all from Twilight Drive! So there you have it, our home in a nutshell. Feel free to come anytime and stay awhile!

Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Our Garden Friends and the Baby Bump

We just love our little home but one of the very best parts is we get to have a tomato patch that, aside from the tomatoes not turning red (and it's September) has been wildly successful! At first it was mostly my thing. Then while I was gone this summer, JD watered faithfully and would give me tomato reports at night - he became hooked - look how attentive he is!
This last week I was out watering the plants busy telling them how great they were looking (everything responds to love, really) and just happened to look down before I stepped and this is what I saw...
Oh tell me about it - I screamed (not a pretty scream), jumped over the snake (while cutting my thumb on...something) and got out as fast as I could. I looked back and it was still there, so obviously, I assumed it was dead. (Why would it stay with that craziness going on?) Still... I did the icky dance for the next few minutes to the amusment of my neighbor. When JD got home, he went to take care of it. However, wasn't dead; merely caught in our mesh fence, so he kindly cut it out and sent it on it's way. No harm done, except for my bad dream that night (not even kidding).
Two days later, I went out to water again and there was yet another friend in the fence. This time I saw it before entering, which saved me the humilation of another dance; our little neighborhood girls were out riding bikes and they loved it. They ran and got their moms and grandmas and it turned into a regular neighborhood powow. When JD came home (about 15 minute later) he became the neighborhood hero, again saving the snake from an agonizing death.

Who knew Dr. J was so versitile in his knowledge?
I haven't been back to water quite yet - thank goodness it rained. I am just not the greatest fan of our little scaly friends, regardless of how harmless. But so glad to know I am married to a fearless snake handler - at least the snakes don't have to worry.
Bump Watch
So I have had lots of requests for baby bump pictures. Here are the summer bumps:
July 2011- I had to resort to the self pictures - JD was so tired when he came home that it just worked better this way...
August 2011
September 2011 - I still have eight weeks left! How much bigger can I get? Probably a lot! =) I've been feeling fantastic for the most part. Being pregnant has been emotional in weird ways. (Example: I cried through the boy scouts in the Fourth of July Parade; I stood in the isle at Walmart fighting tears because the fabric was on sale for $1 a yard - I mean really?) However, I feel blessed to have had an uncomplicated time of it so far. I feel great and I'll be honest - it's so nice to have people treat you kindly when they see the belly. Sometime I forget that I'm so big and when people ask me innocently, "So when are you due?" I am impressed they are so 'in tune with the maternity vibe' until I realize that hello, how could you not be? Still, it's the most wonderful thing to celebrate and to let others be a little part of it just spreads the joy!