Wednesday, July 18, 2012

When You Miss Three Months...Hypothetically...

I don't claim to know everything.  But, I am betting that when you don't blog for three months (aka nearly half of your seven-month-old baby's life), hypothetically speaking you would miss documenting such milestones as, oh let's say... 

rolling over,

or getting up on all fours and rocking,

and then getting so good at scooting backwards that the baby would get stuck in all sorts of places like...say under a bed? (Crib, chair etc.)

Hypothetically, he might have found his feet,

and have learned to LOVE eating solid foods (as in, lunge for the spoon),

and have developed muscles so strong that he could have pulled the not-so-light basket of toys and books off the fireplace hearth and look astounded at his own strength,

but feel so tickled pink that it had moved he would have continued to expertly drive his music center into the great unknown;
and most definitely would have perfected the merman pose as he sat up,

and send out heart-melting smiles while doing it.

You would probably have missed the first time wearing a big boy tie, kind of similar to Dad's, (except that it really didn't stay on at all, even for the picture, as you can see...hypothetically...)

and you would have for sure missed the whole teething experience in which he would have perfected delicately sampling just about everything within tiny arm's reach/scoot,

and the cutest little pearly white that you ever did see (bottom right - tooth P for all those tooth- minded fellows) and whose mama would have adored brushing his single tooth every night.

Chances are good that the first family mall expedition might have been lost in time,
along with the his first Fourth of July parade,
and the first time he donned shoes that made him look SO grown up;
and the very first pool party,

and most certainly the second swim party where he would have been wild and crazy staying up past his bedtime
and would have bonded with Daddy

 and his new friend (while Daddy and friend's daddy talked about things that cause their facial muscles to contort) .

 And yet another pool party,

 where he would still be unsure of how he felt about taking a long bath instead of sleeping.
And of course when the real legitimate crawling would finally start, it would have been videoed and photographed ...

along with the kisses and the clapping and the million other things that he would have done in those missed three months.  Hypothetically, of course...

But nothing is hypotheical about how much we LOVE this little man, no matter how many blogs we miss!

Made in America

 I recently read an article about things made in America...or, more specifically not American-made.  It made me think, so the next time I was in the store I checked the tags of everything I looked at.  Sure enough, it was difficult to find the Made in America stamp.  (I am a huge fan of Asia, but I am eternally grateful and proud to be American.) Then, ta-da- I found one!  Granted, it was an over-priced, rough, unfinished wooden peg board, but I bought it anyway since I'm now all about supporting the American-made.  This led to me being artsy for the first time in ages...

...a green peg board for the baby bibs...
I was so proud of myself!  And then since I'd spent so much time but had so much fun, I decided to keep going.  Using old cereal boxes, I cut out and painted his name to match as decor for the nursery.  The artistic gene in my family is, shall we say, slightly recessive in me, but I still enjoy art very much.

And how did Little Man feel about the new additions to his room?  He didn't seem to notice one bit.  But that didn't stop him from being a brave boy when it was time for four month shots and loving his baths.

Why yes Mother, I'd love a bar of soap.

Or putting up with my photo shoots -

Oh we get to do this again Mom?  Nice!
Uh wait...this is starting to feel familiar and I don't remember if I like them..
I remembered..I don't...                                                                                                                          

How do you get your face to do that?

I refuse to me...

Oh okay, you are pretty funny.  I'll humor you.

Happy First Easter Jamesiepie!

True Love

What is true love?  The other day I did a green mask.  I'd forgotten about it until Jamesie had awoken from his nap and I was at the door.  I was a little worried that I'd scare him, but when I leaned over his crib he greeted me with a giant grin of delight...he didn't care that my face was green!!!

 A reenactment of the grin.

This, my friends, is true love.  I mean really?  Hello Halloween.