Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Big Brother

 So our friend Allison took some pictures for us and we had to share!  Little is getting so big that it makes me kind of sad.  But that's life - we try to just soak up the moment and not worry about the has beens.

Daddy secretly taught me this face...Blue Steel anyone?

This chair all for me?

Hark!  Do I hear a cry for help?  (Think Peter Parker)
 I'm on my way!

 Coming....I'm coming!

 Okay, now where are we going?

 #1, I like that!

#2, we'll have to see what he's like.
From what I can tell so far, he's pretty squishy and makes reading books with Mommy kind of tough....                                                                

 Definitely not matching bellies....

But we love what it means is coming...
More love for all of us...                                                                                                  

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